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glass painting moslem calligraph.
As we know Painting calligraphy not only create the object and the Wayang Batikan course, there is one item that has prosfek and the potential to be developed is the Islamic calligraphy. Why? while most of the consumers we are religious Islam, Islamic calligraphy, but also a lot more style and ornaments that need to be developed and poured into glass painting. Take the example of the beautiful jewelry, ornaments decorate the fringe of calligraphy, that can be made of tens of hundreds of design even if we want. Not kaligrafiny style that already have a clear benchmark. All materials will be the creation of designs for glass painting calligraphy that we akan garap.

A calligraphy style and has become a benchmark and take one of the verses that have deep meaning for Muslims, for example, ayat Kursi, if given the ornament ornament ornament-circumnavigate the beautiful area of the object blend with the colors and lebut harmony. Do not be surprised if the result is very beautiful, interesting and greget. Nuance of the spontaneity appears when decorative ornaments diterakan overlapping and mutually binding, makes us more passionate pouring blend of colors in harmony. Not to mention the background color wipe jewelry with a soft, something truly beautiful is seen ey

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