Mackenzie Painting Collection

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Local Painting Collection from Indonesia

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Afandy painting Collection

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, May 25, 2009

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W.G Hofker painting collection

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Collection Of Painting from the old paper by kompol

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Koleksi Lukisan Suku Dayak

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, May 24, 2009

lukisan dayak
first saw this painting I confused what meaning and purpose of this painting. and after I ask a friend to the expert in painting midwife. he said that this painting depicts a life. and I am still confused what life is like in a painting by this purpose.
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Koleksi Lukisan Afandi

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Affandi Painting - Painting Affandi Affandi Painting We have a self-portrait theme, we intend to sell Rp. 50 million for those of you who are interested or for the collection to complement your interior design. for the authenticity of this painting we can not guarantee (no certificate) of what we sell.
Total: 1
Price: 50 million Rupiah
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Lukisan Penaklukan Pangeran Diponegoro

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The painting Conquest WORK A painter BELANDA, N. PIENEMAN. MADE SOME YEARS BEFORE MAKE Raden Saleh version which is a criticism and given Diponegoro TITLE arrest. Lukisan Raden Saleh IS, WHETHER look, very difficult to obtained. [SOURCE: N. PIENEMAN, RIJKSMUSEUM Amsterdam]
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Koleksi Lukisan Tua

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painting old soeyono this paper is feasible for the collection because this painting is very beautiful and has a quality canvas painting which is very valuable art tinngi. who are interested in this painting can be purchased with the rather expensive price.
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Lukisan Kampung Alam

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village paintings, this painting is the work of a friend who loves the painting, he started painting in the village where singah from a long trip. this painting, this painter named Tatang.
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Koleksi lukisan- Forest Painting

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forest paintings paper Tatang s, spatial figure that is in the forest. This paper painting is valued with 350 thousand rupiah, which is very cheap price for a painting this beautiful se. Tatang s painting paper, painting is the art of high value
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Koleksi Lukisan- illusion art Vitali Zelinski

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Vitali Zelinski is an innovative abstract painter currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Not much is known about his past except that he was born in Russia in 1981 and began painting ten years ago. His most memorable focuses in art are extreme attention to detail and a rich palette of bright colors. Vitali's art alternates the use of oil and acrylic paints, with rare appearances of fluorescent UV-reactive paints.
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Lukisan Piayu Laut Karya M. Rusli

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, May 1, 2009


Explanation about LUKISAN PIAYU LAUT. Painting above is made in the year 2007. Using media canvas and oil paint. Painting is the island of Batam is still behind. Piayu Sea at this time the building has a primary school, and some Mushala, a treatment facility, and several stalls.

Piayu Sea inhabited villages of ethnic Malay and ethnic Chinese. Earnings are key as fishermen. Road to the Sea Piayu still far way land bouksit intervention. There are roads that can not be nearly as affected by landslides. Piayu sea as a potential alternative to the cheap family recreation.
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glass painting moslem calligraph.
As we know Painting calligraphy not only create the object and the Wayang Batikan course, there is one item that has prosfek and the potential to be developed is the Islamic calligraphy. Why? while most of the consumers we are religious Islam, Islamic calligraphy, but also a lot more style and ornaments that need to be developed and poured into glass painting. Take the example of the beautiful jewelry, ornaments decorate the fringe of calligraphy, that can be made of tens of hundreds of design even if we want. Not kaligrafiny style that already have a clear benchmark. All materials will be the creation of designs for glass painting calligraphy that we akan garap.

A calligraphy style and has become a benchmark and take one of the verses that have deep meaning for Muslims, for example, ayat Kursi, if given the ornament ornament ornament-circumnavigate the beautiful area of the object blend with the colors and lebut harmony. Do not be surprised if the result is very beautiful, interesting and greget. Nuance of the spontaneity appears when decorative ornaments diterakan overlapping and mutually binding, makes us more passionate pouring blend of colors in harmony. Not to mention the background color wipe jewelry with a soft, something truly beautiful is seen ey


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lukisan kaligrafi islam, moslem kaligrafiCountry of origin: Indonesia
Description: Painting Title: "Powerful, the Creator, 2"

Painter: Kurnia Agung Robiansyah (Answer I Lukis calligraphy on the Arts and Culture Festival Nusantara Museum Istiqlal Islam and the Qur'an Bayt TMII Jakarta, 2003; Exhibitor calligraphy exhibition at the Islamic Center of ASEAN in Jakarta, 2005).

Media: acrylic on canvas size 70 cm x 80 cm in 2007 (mounted)
Price: Rp. 4.000.000, - (including shipping costs for local and surrounding DKI)


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Abdullah Basoeki many exhibit a single well in the country and abroad, among others, his work was exhibited in Bangkok, Malaysia, Japan, Dutch, English, Portuguese and other countries. Approximately 22 countries that have the works of painting Basoeki Abdullah. Almost spent part of his life abroad, among a few years lived in Thailand and was appointed as a painter and the palace since 1974 Basoeki Abdullah lived in Jakarta

Makam Basoeki AbdullahBasoeki Abdullah is also a painter than a clever and often danced with the dancing puppet show wong as Rahwana or Hanoman. He was not only the matter of puppetry, Javanese culture in which it originated, but also like the composition-kompasisi Franz Schubert, Paganini and Bethoven, with such artists as wawasannya broad and does not Jawasentris.

Abdullah Basoeki married four times. Yoshepin first wife (the Netherlands) and then separated, have a child named Saraswati. And then married again with Michel Maya (single) and So Mwang Noi (bepisah also). Last Nataya Narerat married until the end of hayatnya and have children Cicilia Sidhawati